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Engineering Services

As an industrial systems integrator, IBT Industrial Solutions maintains a broad-based engineering staff to support our products and services. Our engineering group is proficient in concept, design, installation, start-up and training for material handling, motion control and warehouse systems. With a range of experience and knowledge in modern industrial technology, our engineers are specialists in the areas of PLC programming, material handling layout, sortation, robotic palletizing, HMI programming, motion control systems, complete controls package design, CAD layout and more. IBT can also provide ongoing technical support for your complex industrial systems.

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Material Handling Systems

IBT Industrial Solutions is one of the leading material handling system suppliers in the Midwest. Typically we use a project team approach to the design and implementation of advanced material handling solutions. Each system we design is the result of the coordinated efforts of our technical sales professionals, mechanical and electrical engineers, and, most importantly, you – our customers. This important partnership ensures the development of a solution that fits the specific needs of your business, while maintaining the important performance criteria and technical integrity that are so important to your bottom line.

IBT’s material handling design philosophy involves many key steps to ensure accuracy, functionality and payback.

  • Initial Site Survey: The IBT Industrial Solutions team works with you to evaluate current operations, establish project expectations and goals and to identify the scope of the work.
  • Concept Development and Design: After the scope of the project has been determined, IBT Industrial Solutions provides a proposal that outlines one or more solutions. Our engineers evaluate the process and identify performance characteristics, such as speed or rates of flow; system flexibility; packaging, palletizing and storage requirements and ongoing maintenance issues. The package proposal includes complete mechanical systems and electrical controls.
  • Implementation: Once the project is approved, an IBT Industrial Solutions implementation team works with you to establish a plan and schedule for installation. All work will be performed based on the agreed upon implementation plan.
  • Start-Up, Training and Ongoing Technical Support: IBT Industrial Solutions involvement with the project extends well beyond the installation stage. Team members remain on-site to start up the system and familiarize personnel with operation and maintenance procedures. Ongoing technical support is also available as necessary to ensure system performance and your peace of mind.
Material Handling Engineering Services
  • Standard Conveyor Systems: Gravity, Belt, Powered, Live Roller, Zero Pressure Accumulation, Chain Drive
  • Specialty Applications: Sortation Systems, Robotic Pick and Place, Automated Palletizers
  • Warehouse Equipment Services: Layout and Design, Storage Rack and Shelving Systems, Mezzanines, In-Plant Offices
  • Control Packages: Control System Panel Design/Fabrication, PLC, Photo Sensors, Proximity Devices, Bar Code Sortation/Print/Apply, In-Motion Weighing, Safety Devices
Motion Control Systems

As experts in motion control systems, IBT Industrial Solutions can help solve your motion control challenges. Advanced motion control technology uses electronic controllers, AC and DC drives, motors, encoders and logic devices to provide the missing links that turn a series of independent operations into a unified production system. A variety of functions can be performed by advanced electronic motion control systems.

  • Single-Axis Linear Positioning: This type of motion control involves back and forth movement along a straight line. Typical single-axis motion control applications include cut to length machinery, back gauging, slides, articulated arms, registration equipment, conveyors and machine tools.
  • Multi-Axis Linear Positioning: Similar to single-axis, except the movement can be along two or more separate straight line paths, usually perpendicular to one another. Typical multi-axis motion control applications include coil winders, X-Y tables, flight simulators, pick and place machines, machine tools and robotics.
  • Rotary Positioning: Involves precise rotary movement about an axis, sometimes in conjunction with linear movement. Applications include rotary indexing tables, articulating arms, valve actuators and machine tools.
Robotic Palletizing, Pick and Place Systems

The computer control and multi-axis motion capabilities of today’s robotic systems give you incredible versatility. Industrial robots are being utilized to increase production and quality of performance while lowering the cost of goods and time to market.

Robots have the ability to be reprogrammed and retooled for multiple applications, eliminating the functional obsolescence which sends many single-task machines to early retirement. Robotic systems can also integrate a series of independent operations into a unified production process.

  • Material Handling Applications: Transfer of in-process or finished parts | Heavy or awkward loads | Toxic or hazardous materials
  • Palletizing/Depalletizing Applications: Finished shipping cases, bulk bags, drums, plastic containers | In-process or finished parts
  • Machine Tending Applications: Molding and die casting | Punch press | Lathes, mills, threaders
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Applications: Food grade products and consumer goods | Delicate materials or sterile products
  • Process Cell Applications: Small parts mechanical assembly | Sub-assembly or progressive
Automation and Technology Integration Services

Engineering and Concept Design | PLC Programming | Robotic Pick and Place Systems | Material Handling Systems | Pallet Handling/Palletizing Systems | Sortation Systems | Operator Interfaces | Motion Control Systems | Turkney Integrated Systems

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