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Fact is, when it comes to parts, there are a lot of options to choose from. Plenty of companies that act as middle-men between those who manufacture parts and those who use them.

IBT Industrial Solutions focuses on what matters most:  You. Your needs. Your business. Your success.

We work hard to be not only experts in matching parts to grain industry needs, but to also feature a variety of services to make your business run better, plus solutions to help you work smarter.

So when you need a part, we understand that you have plenty of choices. But when you need someone who actually understands your business and genuinely cares about your success, you need IBT.


At IBT, we are committed to ensuring our customers’ lives are easier for choosing to do business with us—and that doesn’t stop at top-quality products.

We also employ the most highly trained staff—experts with an unparalleled knowledge of the products we offer—plus a dedicated sales force to help provide efficiency-boosting and bottom-line-driving services, as well.

You can count on IBT to be there for you when problems arise, ready to provide the knowledge, guidance, and expertise you need to get back up and running right away.


BELT PUNCHIn addition to a range of engineering, maintenance, and safety services, IBT’s Grain Division offers industry-specific services, including:

  • Full Belt Punch and Fabrication Capabilities: Featuring an 84-inch, automated hole punching machine
  • Engineering Services: Custom programs available to provide vital information specific to your application
  • Field Vulcanization
  • Custom Cut Parts: Including die and water-jet capabilities


CONVEYOR BELTING ROLLSIBT offers the best in belting products, designed specifically for the grain industry. Our products are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of grain handling facilities. Whether you need belting for an elevator, storage or transfer, IBT has what you need.

  • Rubber Covered Belting: SCORF (Static Conductive, Oil Resistant, Fire Retardant)
  • Specialty Belts: PVGE Elevator Leg Belts, Baler Belts, Combine Pick-Up Belts, Flexco Lacing, and Maxi Splice
  • Belting Modifications: IBT Belt Technicians can modify belting and rubber goods in-house to your specs, including: Punched Holes, Cleats, Lugs, Sidewalls, Sleeves, Chutes, and Die Cut Gaskets


grain-conveyorOur material handling team understands the importance of reliable systems design for an application to provide high-performance while achieving optimum efficiency.

  • Material Handling Systems: Drag Chain Conveyors, Bulk Elevator Systems, Troughed Belt, Screw & Screw Feeder Systems, and Magnetic Separation Systems
  • Conveyor Replacement Components: Pulleys, Elevator Buckets & Bolts, Magnets, Magnetic Pulleys, and Magnetic Separators


IBT stocks a variety of sheet goods designed to handle the abrasive nature of grain. Available in both polyurethane and UHMW, IBT has multiple sizes and thicknesses available. With a specific design to resist corrosion and impact, IBT has the sheet goods you need to move your grain.

  • Urethane, UHMW, Ceramic Tile, Slide Lagging, Pulley Lagging, Pit Covers, and Scale Seals

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