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Accuform: Safety Is A Family Value

Accuform Signs proposes the idea of safety become transformed from abstract to specific and personal. They do it with a new range of customized and personalized signage to grab workers' attention. Highlighting the specific people and the specific places affected by safe operations will reinforce... Read More

Q&A on Virtual Safety Manager

What is Virtual Safety Manager (VSM)? VSM is a web-based tool for managing your safety and health programs. With VSM, you can create site specific programs and policies, employee safety handbooks, conduct employee training, document compliance efforts and track all safety and health related activities.... Read More

Stuff Happens. Bradley Safety/Industrial Division Comes Through.

Even the most careful worker in the safest plant can have an incident. Stuff happens. Although an ounce of prevention is still, in fact, worth a pound of cure, sometimes the cure is necessary. When the stuff that happens involves exposure to "injurious or corrosive... Read More

New PPE From Sperian

Sperian, one of the world's most successful providers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has introduced several new eye protection and welding helmet products. Sperian Eye Protection Uvex SeismicTM Image courtesy of Sperian Provides protection against impact, sun, wind, dust and airborne debris. Ideal for dirty,... Read More

Memphis Glove Company Turns Green

The company that started life as Memphis Glove Company, a well-established supplier to IBT Safety, has become MCR Safety. The new name, adopted five years ago, comes from Memphis Glove, Crews Incorporated, River City Protective Wear, and they trade as MCR. Now, the company has... Read More

Green. Clean. And GOJO Eco Soy

GOJO® goes bio-based with their new ECO SOYTM Hand Cleaner, available through IBT Safety. This new product is a hand cleaner that not only removes dirt, grease and oil effectively; it also helps you reach sustainability goals. Most tough soil hand cleaners use petroleum-based solvents... Read More

Lean Wipe Up from Georgia Pacific

Lean manufacturing is an ever-evolving, dynamic process, covering all aspects of production. IBT and Georgia Pacific are committed to product solutions that integrate seamlessly into your Lean manufacturing processes: Improving productivity Creating less waste Reducing cost-in-use Increasing safety and hygiene Like the concept of Lean... Read More

Auto-Calibrated Gas Monitor

The BioSystems PHD6TM is a multi-gas monitor from Sperian Protection that is capable of detecting up to six gases, plus it offers Photo Ionization Device (PID) capability. It is one of the few gas monitors on the market that can do standard confined space gases... Read More

Altair Multigas Detector

"The new Altair® 5 Multigas Detector from MSA is the ideal choice for confined space entry," says IBT Safety head, Gary Porter. "This portable unit can detect can up to five gases, and comes complete with impressive features like MotionAlertTM and InstantAlertTM." MotionAlert (when enabled)... Read More

GOJO® Needs Analysis

GOJO® in cooperation with IBT, offers on-site Needs Analysis of your facility. It's a comprehensive analysis of skin risks, type of work performed and locations to determine the right combination of skin care products, dispensing, and training to maximize the effectiveness of your personalized program... Read More

New Safety Glasses Made Especially for Women

Here's a news bulletin: Men and women are different. One way they are significantly different is in the size and shape of their head and face. This is significant because women workers need eye protection. But, until now, they have had to cope with unisex,... Read More

Maintenance for People and Your Workforce

For years, IBT has been a leading provider of safety training, consulting, personal protective equipment and other safety supplies. Now the company is offering a series of initiatives that further prevent the loss of productive employee hours. IBT Wellness helps keep your people on the... Read More

Fall Protection Safety From IBT

At IBT's Tech X 500, I presented an actual demonstration of the forces generated during a typical industrial fall. Those in attendance saw what they may not have known about new fall protection standards. These standards - and the falls they deal with - can... Read More

What’s on OSHA’s Mind?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has two areas that affect IBT customers and their workers more than anything currently being concentrated on: the issue of combustible dust and the question of who's responsible for providing and/or paying for personal protective equipment (PPE). Combustible... Read More

Don’t Just Quench Thirst

Hot days of work - either inside or out - can build up a powerful thirst. Thirst is a natural mechanism for your body to say: "Hey, how about a little fluid in here!" Actually, the body is particular about what kind of fluids you... Read More

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