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Warm Up Cold Employees – Indoors or Outdoors

Warm Up Cold Employees – Indoors or Outdoors

As the temperatures drop, so does productivity.  By using effective portable heating, you not only make employees happier and more comfortable—you can actually boost productivity, and get more work done in the long cold days of winter. Productivity Drops + Mistakes Increase—in Cold Temps The connection... Read More

Are Ultraviolet Lamps Part of Your Food Safety Program?

Are Ultraviolet Lamps Part of Your Food Safety Program?

Recent deadly outbreaks of microorganisms showing up in ice-cream, caramel apples, cantaloupe, and peanuts have drawn national attention to the issue of food processing safety.  In fact, 3,000 people die annually in the U.S. from foodborne diseases—out of a total 48 million who get sick,... Read More

Do You Need Intrinsically Safe Lighting from Bayco?

What Is Intrinsically Safe Lighting? When a light source is intrinsically safe, it means that it is safety rated for use in a hazardous work environment, and will not cause a fire or explosion—as long as the light is used properly, and is not tampered... Read More

6 Reasons You Need an OSHA Lockout/Tagout Program

According to Todd Grover, the Global Senior Manager of Applied Safety Solutions at the Master Lock Company, “In our experience, more than 80% of all U.S. companies either do not have a lockout/tagout program in place—or have an inadequate one.” Lockout/tagout (LOTO) programs are designed... Read More

Why Do You Need MCR Safety High Visibility Gloves?

For the first time, high visibility orange safety gloves using true DuPont Kevlar are now available on the market. “These gloves are ideal for situations where you work with a lot of moving machinery, or in high cut-level areas, such as with sheet metal or... Read More

Site Safety Evaluations Help Prevent Permanent Eye Injuries

Emergency safety showers and eyewashes prevent permanent eye and skin damage from chemical burns or foreign substances generated by grinding, hammering, chipping, testing, pouring, storing, transporting, and disposing operations. It is well known that workers’ compensation claims cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, and add... Read More

See How the Lenze Inverter Drive Helped a Sausage Manufacturer—and Try an AC TECH/Lenze Drive for FREE

Exchange your old drive for a FREE AC TECH/Lenze SMV Drive—now! Limit 1 per company Problem Washdown can be a challenge for any food manufacturer. A sausage maker was using variable frequency drives housed in waterproof metal boxes to control the progress of their product through... Read More

6 Workplace Winter Safety Products You’ll Love

“It’s as important to stay warm in the winter as it is to stay cool in the summer,” said Mike Davis, a Product Specialist for the Safety and Warehouse Equipment Group at IBT Industrial Solutions. “Anybody that works outside—or in an unheated warehouse—can be affected.” More: Don’t... Read More

Tough Gorilla Multipurpose Hose from Goodyear Reduces Failures

A meat processing plant was using an all-purpose hose for washdown. However, the animal fats on the floor broke down the cover of the hose, destroying it. After replacing the hose with Gorilla multipurpose hose from Goodyear, the processing plant experienced no further failures. More: How... Read More

New Arc Flash Safety Standards — Find Out If Your Company Needs An Assessment

There are big changes coming to the 2015 edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA 70E) standard in 2015. Now is the time to get ready for this major change. What Is Changing? The key change for employers is that electrical equipment must now... Read More

New OSHA Injury Reporting Requirements — Jan. 1, 2015

Beginning January 1, 2015, all workplaces under federal OSHA jurisdiction must now report any severe injuries or fatalities to even 1 single person. More: It’s Time to Update Your Safety Program Under the new OSHA Injury Reporting Requirements, any single work-related fatality must be reported... Read More

New OSHA Requirements | MCR Safety Flame Resistant Clothing

Starting April 1, 2015, the new OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.269 goes into effect on electrical protective equipment. As many as 60% to 70% of today’s workers who deal with electricity will need to wear flame resistant (FR) clothing, said Marcus Harris, Consulting and Compliance... Read More

Wireless Hazard Monitoring System from Electro-Sensors, Inc. | Reduce Risk of Grain Dust Explosions

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that there was a risk of explosion or bearing failure—before it happened? Now you can—with the HazardPRO™ Wireless Hazard Monitoring System. “Anyone who has dust accumulating in an interior space could benefit from HazardPRO, because it identifies risks... Read More

Proper Care for New DuPont Level A Chemical Protective Gear

Sometimes the very tools in place to protect us need a little protection themselves. That’s why it’s crucial to learn the proper care and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE), so that it remains ready to protect you. More: Are You Wearing the Right PPE?... Read More

IBT Industrial Solutions is Your 1-Stop Industrial Safety Shop

industrial training

Whether you need PPE or a completely new safety program, IBT Industrial Solutions acts as a 1-stop safety shop, offering a comprehensive suite of safety products, engineered solutions, consulting, and training services. “We sell head-to-toe safety products, along with all the consulting, engineering, and training... Read More

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