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Rexnord TableTop Chain and MatTop Belting Reduce Food and Beverage Processing Costs

Looking for a way to reduce waste and lower operating costs in your food processing plant?  Maybe it’s time to upgrade your conveying chain. Reduce Operating Costs Conveyors and conveyor chains are an essential part of any manufacturing line, connecting one process of a line... Read More

Tough Gorilla Multipurpose Hose from Goodyear Reduces Failures

A meat processing plant was using an all-purpose hose for washdown. However, the animal fats on the floor broke down the cover of the hose, destroying it. After replacing the hose with Gorilla multipurpose hose from Goodyear, the processing plant experienced no further failures. More: How... Read More

IBT’s Ultimate Guide to a Clean, Custom-Cut Hose

Even 60 microns of contaminants—the equivalent of 1 grain of pollen—can damage a hydraulic system. In fact, 80% of hydraulic failures are due to contamination. That’s why buying a clean, custom-cut hose is so important. More: Need a Lightweight Air Hose? “Any debris left in... Read More

2014 GEAPS Exchange in Omaha Is a Big Hit for Grain Industry

The 2014 GEAPS Exchange was hosted by the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.  Their biggest conference ever, they had a record 3,379 attendees and 400 exhibitors in a 200,000 sq. ft. conference hall—with sponsorships by such companies... Read More

IBT Industrial Insider’s Look: Fabricating and Servicing Conveyor Belts

The Industrial Rubber Products Group (IRPG) at IBT Industrial Solutions works with custom fabricating and servicing conveyor belts every day—offering both heavyweight and lightweight options—for all types of industries.  The orders roll in daily to the company’s Central Distribution Center in Merriam, Kansas from IBT... Read More

Hytrol ABEZ Live Roller Conveyor Solves Build-Up of Line Pressure

The ABEZ is a horizontal belt driven live roller conveyor that uses Hytrol’s patented EZLogic® accumulation system to convey and accumulate loads up to 150 pounds per foot and as light as a few ounces.  It is designed for applications that require accumulation of products... Read More

IBT Now Builds Top-Quality Power Turn Conveyor Belts

FREE consultation! Replace your current power turn belt. IBT Industrial Solutions now offers custom-made power turn conveyor belts that perform just as well—and in some cases, better—than a standard OEM belt, at a better value. The belts are fabricated for your specific application by IBT’s... Read More

Need a Lightweight Air Hose From Goodyear?

Looking for an economical, lightweight alternative to your heavy rubber and PVC air hose?  The F5 air hose has now joined the Goodyear Engineered Products Line—and is made of a unique thermoplastic blend that is not only durable, but very lightweight. “Customers love this hose... Read More

Get Same-Day Custom Hose

We’ve upgraded our custom hose equipment!  Now you can get custom hose cut and fitted on the same day—at any one of our 30+ locations. New Equipment IBT has recently installed a new, fully automatic, 6” crimper and a fully contained stainless steel testing table,... Read More

Hose Assembly Safety Program From Dixon

Dixon, in partnership with IBT, offers a hose assembly safety program of your plant, at no cost to you. Plant safety is an enormous, ongoing endeavor in which it is impossible to be an expert in every field. The use of damaged or misapplied hose... Read More

Goodyear Engineered Products Conquest XP Belt – An Industry Leader

Your business is too important to leave in the hands of a mortal conveyor belt. Thankfully, tough just got tougher-much tougher-with ConquestXP. An industry leader in strength and impact resistance, ConquestXP conveyor belts were designed to withstand the harshest above-ground belting environments out there, day... Read More

IBT Expands Goodyear Authorized Distributor Area into Oklahoma

IBT has been a Goodyear Authorized Distributor since 1988, and has recently added new territory in Oklahoma to our coverage area. Now IBT is your Goodyear Authorized Distributor for most of the state of Oklahoma, western Missouri, and all of Kansas. ABOVEGROUND BELTS ConquestXP® A... Read More

Meet the “Boss”

What has 10 wheels, 176 square feet, and uses state-of-the-art technology to showcase Dixon's product line and enhanced safety training? If you guessed one of Dixon's mobile connections trailers, you're right. In April 2004, Dixon introduced its first mobile training trailer, named "Boss," at the... Read More

Dixon Dry Disconnect Fittings Are A Must

Dixon Bayco brand BA and BS series bayonet dry disconnect fittings are guaranteed to be compatible with existing EMCO Wheaton models. These bayonet dry disconnect fittings are most commonly used for applications within the fuel and lube oil service industry. They are designed and tested... Read More

Flexco DRX Impact Beds – Protect The Belt

Flexco's DRX (Dual Relief Xtra™) Impact Beds are designed with one simple goal: protect the belt. How they meet that goal is revolutionary. They have engineered superior belt protection into the entire structure-not just the bars. Sturdy components, robust construction and convenient maintenance make our... Read More