Uptime the IBT HelpApp – Bringing IBT to Wherever You Are in 5 Simple Steps

By IBT Inc

April 01, 2020

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Uptime HelpApp

In a time where virtual connections are becoming not only preferred but vital, IBT is dedicated to serving our customers and their businesses remotely.  Uptime™, IBT Industrial Solutions’ new mobile application, was created to provide easy mobile access to our industry specialists allowing a faster response time for problems you need to be solved, Now!!

The Uptime app is a quick and easy way for you to communicate with us at IBT and get immediate assistance and feedback. Need to replace a gearbox? Breakdown ruining your day? Or stuck and need help identifying a part number? IBT is here to help you! As a company we want to meet you where it is easy, convenient, and where you want and need to operate. 

In moments like this, our world pushes us to innovate and adapt to deliver what you need.

Thankfully, at IBT we’ve been doing this for 70 years. We know right now that we are all adapting and adjusting. IBT is committed to the same and we are devoted to innovating and delivering for our customers, every time. 

With the Uptime HelpApp, IBT can provide a quick and easy way for you, our customer, to communicate with us and share your industrial problems.  Uptime allows us to bring our trained specialists “on-site” to assist you, right through your mobile device. 

IBT Uptime Mobile App ScreenJust follow the 5 simple steps below. It’s that easy!

  • Grab your phone
  • Open the Uptime Help App
  • Open a new ticket
  • Write a quick description of your problem, or snap a quick picture
  • Hit submit

From there your local IBT branch will do the rest.  You can even track all of your request tickets in one place and receive real-time updates on their progress.  No service? No worries. The Uptime – Help App by IBT allows you to work offline and instantly submits your ticket when you return to coverage. Uptime puts IBT right in your pocket, each and every day, and provides a quick and easy way for you to communicate with us. Our Uptime portal also provides transparency within all of our division and streamlines communication feedback for you.

My customer loved it and thought it was very handy! We had a recent customer who came on board only a year ago. I got them on the app, and the moment they had a gearbox needing repair, we were able to communicate back and forth via the app and get him what he needed, ASAP. The app really streamlined the process for us both.”  – David Leffert, IBT Account Manager

The IBT Uptime HelpApp lets us deliver exceptional customer service, no matter where you are. IBT has been delivering consistent results for over 70 years, and we are dedicated to continuing that tradition. No matter the challenge in front of us, we will continue to innovate and deliver on our customer’s needs.  With the Uptime HelpApp, IBT can help simplify and streamline your workload, especially in a time we need it most.

Download the app today and let us solve your problems so you can focus on running your business, and the areas that need you the most. With 5 quick steps, you can be back online. IBT Uptime – your mobile solution for all of your industrial problems. Solving your problems has never been this easy!


Please contact your local branch for more information or go ahead and download Uptime today. Because you can’t afford downtime.

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For more information, go to www.ibtinc.com/uptime