PTDA Power Transmission

PTDA Power Transmission

Training Video Series

For years the industrial community has relied on one main source to train its people with regard to the mechanical principles and repair and maintenance of a range of basic equipment components.

The PTDA Power Transmission Handbook is still today perhaps the most comprehensive and insightful publication known to the marketplace. Long considered the “bible” of the PT/MC industry, the Handbook has been updated and revised to include three new chapters, plus new information and illustrations.

The Power Transmission Distributors Association now expands the learning experience by updating the Power Transmission Product Training DVD Series, developed specifically to complement the latest edition of the handbook and workbook. This visual-oriented training tool increases comprehension of the concepts covered through easy-to-follow demonstrations and explanations.

The DVD series is broken down into 17 modules, each complementing a chapter in the handbook and accompanying workbook. It shows the component or technology in specific applications, its various types and uses, maintenance and diagnostic tips, and standards available. The new DVDs, together with the handbook and workbook, offers the most comprehensive training tool available to industry.


Chapter 1: Fundamentals:
The PT Fundamentals DVD examines force, friction, torque, RPM, work and power as they relate to industrial mechanics. You will learn how the principle of conservation of energy applies to power transmission. It teaches how to identify losses in a system, given the efficiency of the components and ways to quantify the important parameters using the basic equations of power transmission. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 2: Bearings:
The Bearings DVD deals with the uses and applications for bearings of all sorts, including plain bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, and mounted and unmounted bearings. It also examines lubrication options, including self-lubricating bearings and identifies trade and industry associations who recommend standards and practices for ball and roller bearing usage. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 3: Belt Drives:
The Belt Drives DVD gives a basic understanding of belted power transmission drives, including v-belts, multi-rib belts, double-v, flat belts, and synchronous belts. It includes the history of belts as well as the characteristics and unique qualities of each of the various types of belts and an understanding of where each type of belt is generally used and why. It also lists general application requirements for belt selections. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 4: Chain Drives:

The Chain Drives DVD describes the advantageous characteristics of chain drives, including roller chain, double-pitch roller chain, silent chain and various standard chain attachments. It also explains applications for engineered steel chain and the applications of three categories of chain lubrication. It also identifies the application information needed to design a chain drive. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 5: Clutches and Brakes:

The Clutches and Brakes DVD describes the purpose and function of clutches and brakes, including friction types, electromagnetic types and hydraulic types. It also contrasts and compares various mechanical-lockup interface methods. It describes the available alternative methods of actuation, their operational characteristics, advantages and limitations. It also identifies the most important criteria for the right selection of a clutch or brake. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 6: Conveyors and Components:
The Conveyors and Components DVD summarizes typical components employed on material handling equipment and describes the important characteristics of the more widely used material handling equipment, distinguishing between unit and bulk material handling. It also identifies special requirements that certain customers may demand, and lists the trade and professional organizations that set industry standards. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 7: Couplings and U-Joints:

The Couplings and U-Joints DVD covers couplings and universal joints, differentiating between rigid, mechanically flexible, elastomeric element, metallic element and universal joint shaft couplings. It identifies the features of block-and-pin and bearing-and-cross type and block type, split eye, solid eye and yoke type universal joints. It also lists the trade and professional organizations for standards and the application requirements for selecting a coupling. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 8: Gears:

The Gears DVD defines the purpose and the basic types of gears and gear drives, identifying gear design categories and their orientation types including spur, helical, herringbone, straight bevel, spiral bevel, cylindrical worm, double-enveloping worm, cycloidal and hypoid. It explains major factors for selection and installation of gear drives. The chapter also explains rating standards and discusses the association that standardizes classification. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 9: Hydraulics and Pneumatics:
The Hydraulics and Pneumatics DVD deals with fluid power and describes the basic principles and the importance of pressure, flow, speed, and efficiency rating factors. Explaining the advantage of fluid power, it provides examples of applications. Hydraulic pumps (gear, vane, and piston) are examined, as are valves, the concept of flow capacity, features and principles of linear and rotary actuators and types of fluid conductors, connectors and filters. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 10: Linear Motion:

The Linear Motion DVD deals with linear motion systems, including ball screws, linear actuators and linear bearings. It compares linear motors with their rotary counterparts, and identifies the types of motors, drives, controls and sensors used in linear motion systems as well as the advantages of linear encoders as position sensors. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 11: Motors:
The Motors DVD deals with AC and DC electric motors, identifying factors that are common to all motors. It identifies the features of AC motors, polyphase motors, single-phase induction motors, brush type and brushless DC motors and Servomotors and features of and applications for step motors. It also gives important criteria for motor selection and identifies trade and professional associations that specify motor standards. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 12: Adjustable - Speed Drives:
The Adjustable-Speed Drives DVD discusses adjustable speed drives and when and why they are used. It lists eight specific factors to evaluating their benefits and four adjustable speed drive applications, differentiated between open-loop and closed-loop systems. Summarizing major performance capabilities of common drives types, it includes applications of belt and chain drives. The DVD includes five terms that explain how a drive is performing. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 13: Controls and Sensors:
The Controls and Sensors DVD discusses motor starters, circuit breakers, relays, pushbuttons and switches. It compares and contrasts motor starter types and describes the functions and features of circuit breakers. It also explains NEMA standards and compares and contrasts PLCs and computers and explains the features of four key display technologies. It also describes the use of sensors and explains the purpose of codes and standards. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 14: Sealants and Adhesives
The Sealants and Adhesives DVD identifies the types of sealants and adhesives and describes the common applications for them. It identifies the two main types of thread locking adhesives, the sealants used on pipe threads and three types of flange gasketing. It also identifies the two distinct types of bonded cylindrical assemblies. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 15: PT Accessories:

The PT Accessories DVD details power transmission accessories, including benefits and variations of shaft seals, drive tensioners, retaining rings, shaft locking devices, shaft collars, O-rings and locknuts. It also discusses the purpose and need for keystock. The chapter includes information about how single point lubricators can reduce down time. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 16: Lubrication:

The Lubrication DVD provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts of lubrication. It teaches about viscosity, lubrication regimes, including the use and application of lubricants, and the proper replacement or substitution. The chapter also deals with contamination and how to avoid it, and safe storage and handling procedures. Approximately 15 minutes.
Chapter 17: Vibration Analysis:
The Vibration Analysis DVD discusses vibration analysis and how it works in industry. It discusses four steps in vibration analysis, the three types of unbalance and vibration characteristics of some common machinery faults. It also explains the relationship between time and frequency and the characteristics of natural frequency and resonance. The chapter also shows how vibration severity charts can gauge the health of a machine. Approximately 15 minutes.


The handbook/DVD combo makes training information easier to understand. While the handbook is written in an easy to read format, the DVDs visually reinforce the important points in each chapter by using computer generated graphics and concise field application footage. The workbook rounds out the series by testing the student on the information presented.

Whether you are bringing new employees up to speed on the PT industry, teaching the basics of PT/MC engineering, or educating employees on new PT products and technologies, the PTDA Handbook/DVD Series is for you! You won’t find a more comprehensive resource on the fundamentals of power transmission and motion control anywhere.

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