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Nachi is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative products: bearings, precision cutting tools, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, robots and high-speed steel. We are proud to deliver products manufactured to the highest possible standards and maintain an ongoing commitment to quality. Choose from a wide selection of:

  • Cutting Tools – Drills, Endmills, TAPS, Tool Search
  • Gear Tools – Helical Broach, Spur Broach, Fir Tree Broach, Pot Broach, Hard Broach, Shave Cutter, Sharper Cutter, Hob Cutter, Forming Racks, Regrind Service
  • Machine Tools – Broaching Machines, Precision Rolls Forming Machines, Machine Tools Cell, Power Finishers, Gear Shape Machine Tools Center
  • Bearings – Super Precision Bearings, Radial Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Specific Applications
  • Hydraulics – Valves, Pumps, Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Specialty Steel – DURO, EXEO
  • Robotics – Nachi Robotic Systems supplies a wide range of robots and successful turnkey solutions for many applications including: spot welding, arc welding, sealing, material handling, machine tending, material removal, foundry, forging, packaging/palletizing and assembly.



At Nachi, we develop technology for both product and process. Spanning from specialty steels used in the manufacture of cutting tools and bearings to the equipment used in their manufacture and beyond, to the equipment that is used by our customers in their manufacturing facilities. Also, as an OEM supplier of bearings and hydraulics we touch directly to the ultimate end user of our customers products. We control every facet of the manufacturing processes and our manufacturing equipment and processes are utilized worldwide.


Nachi provides the assistance needed to ensure that our customers receive the correct solutions for every application. We strive to address concerns for performance, availability and service, providing local support and expertise worldwide with 54 offices and plants in 22 countries.


Quality builds on quality, every step of the way – and we ensure that quality by maintaining rigorous standards that are continuously monitored and improved upon. We are driven to perform at the very highest levels of service excellence. Our parent company was awarded the Deming Prize, the industry’s most prestigious award for quality in manufacturing. Our overall quality is not the result of trying to be the best, but by committing to it. Our quality systems have been Registered by UL to the ISO 9001,14000 and TS 16949 Standards.

“Nachi America Associates strive to maximize customer satisfaction by consistently meeting customer specified requirements of quality, service and delivery through continuous improvement.”

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