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Since 1982, Isostatic has grown into the leading provider of standard and made-to-order bronze bushings and related bearing products in North America. They have accomplished this by offering the largest selection of high-quality inch and metric sizes of sleeves, flanges, washers, discs, bar and plates at competitive prices. They are available from stock for quick shipment through a nationwide network of local, knowledgeable and experienced distributor partners like IBT.

Isostatic stands for quality parts with superior customer service at a great value. They are a leader in TU Self Lubricating Bearings, which offer the mechanical strength of steel, the heat dispersion of bronze and the low friction of PTFE. Additionally, all Stock bearings are made with the highest quality powdered metals and meet the stringent requirements of S.A.E. specifications.

IBT Industrial Solutions is a major distributor of Isostatic products, including:

  • Powdered Metal Sleeve Bearings, Flange Bearings
    • Oilube Powdered Metal Bronze SAE 841 Sleeve Bearings / Bushings – INCH & METRIC
    • Century Cast Bronze SAW 660 Sleeve Bearings/Bushings – INCH
    • TU Steel-Backed PTFE Lined Sleeve Bearing – INCH & METRIC


  • Powdered Metal Thrust Washers
    • Oilube Powdered Metal Bronze SAE 841 Thrust Washers – INCH
    • TU Steel-Backed PTFE Lined Thrust Washers – INCH + METRIC


  • Powdered Metal Bars
    • Cored Bars, Cored Corcular Discs, Rectanglar Plates, Solid Bars, Solid Circular Discs


What To Expect

Isostatic has provided custom bearing solutions for thousands of customers in countless industries for over 30 years. With one of the largest inventories in the world of bronze bearings in all standard sizes, Isostatic Industries, Inc. helps customers reduce production costs while enhancing equipment performance through:

  • Responsive, knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Custom / made-to-order solutions
  • Quality guaranteed

The company also offers a broad array of value-added services including:

  • The highest order fulfillment rates in the industry
  • Special oils for oil-impregnated bearings
  • Made-to-order parts to print
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)

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