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The Diamond Chain Company, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the leading global manufacturer exclusively focused on the advanced design, manufacture, and sales of high-performance roller chain systems and attachments for global original equipment manufacturers, industrial production markets, and the power transmission aftermarket.

Founded on December 24, 1890, the Diamond Chain Company is one of the most experienced roller chain manufacturers in the world. Driven by the principles of unrivaled experience, unsurpassed quality, and unparalleled performance – the diamond was adopted as the company trademark as it symbolized perfection and acts as a constant reminder of the company’s core values.

Today, the Diamond Chain Company sets the standard for high-performance roller chain with industry leading wear life, warranty, and product selection. From industry launch to industry leader, Diamond Chain is the most trusted roller chain when performance matters the most.

ASME / ANSI Roller Chain


Diamond Series

Diamond Chain’s extensive ASME / ANSI product assortment provides industry leading wear life and is available in a variety of base materials, finishes, and lubrications.


Attachement Roller Chain

Duralube LIVE

Diamond Chain’s maintenance-free product portfolio is expanding with the introduction of a new Duralube(R) series – Duralube LIVE, now available with both food grade, and standard grade lubrications.


Oil and Gas Chain

Sapphire Series

Includes ANSI 25 through 160 and ISO 05B through 048B single and multi-strand, and select maintenance-free, and attachment solutions.

Diamon O-ring Series

O-Ring Series

Diamond’s Ring Leader O-Ring chains are designed for applications in which regular lubrication is not possible. O-Ring Series Chains are constructed with rings that seal Diamond Chain’s proprietary lubricant in and keeps contaminants out.


Product Lines:

  • ASME / ANSI Standard Roller Chain
  • Agriculture Roller Chain
  • Attachment and Made-to-Order Roller Chain
  • British Standard / ISO Roller Chain
  • British Standard / ISO Oval Contour Roller Chain
  • Corrosion Resistant Chain
  • Coupling Chain
  • Extended Pitch Roller Chain
  • Heavy Series Chain
  • High Strength/Lift Chain
  • Hollow Pin
  • Length Matched Chains
  • Maintenance Free Series Roller Chain
  • Micro-Pitch Series Roller Chain
  • Non-standard Series Chain
  • Oven Pin Roller Chain
  • Power Sports
  • Oil and Gas, CTI Series Roller Chain
  • Special Lubricated
  • Special Application
  • Special Clearance Roller Chain

Visit the Diamond Chain Company website: www.diamondchain.com


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