Bondhus manufactures the highest quality Hex and TORX® tools available. Every tool is made from Protanium® high torque steel and has sharper corners to generate maximum holding and turning forces within the screw to virtually eliminate stripped screw heads. Professional hex tools deliver a level of performance not attainable by consumer grade tools.

In addition, safety is a factor that can impact the “actual” cost of ownership. As a result, knowledgeable buyers and professionals alike recognize the serious dangers of inferior tools that shatter instead of breaking clean. The purpose of a high quality tool is to provide a faster, easier, and less costly means of performing a task. Bondhus strives to provide not just “good” tools, but the strongest tools available anywhere.

Product Categories include: L-Wrenches, Fold Ups, T-Handles, Screwdrivers, TORX® Tools, Wings and Flags, Nut Drivers, Socket Bits, Bits and Blades, Hextenders and ClickSet™ TLD.


Protanium® Steel –
A proprietary alloy steel mixed specially for Bondhus, producing the hardest, most ductile, and longest wearing hex tools.
Reduced Ball End Breakage –
Bondhus precision and attention to detail greatly reduces the incidence of breakage in our Ball End tools.
Lifetime Warranty –
Bondhus tools come with a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks or fails to meet your expectations in any way, we’ll replace it.
Precision Machining –
Bondhus manufacturing techniques are extremely precise from our smallest tools to our largest.
ProGuard™ Protection –
The best tool protection from rust and corrosion.
Chamfered Ends –
Prevents burrs and imperfections for a perfect fit in the screw head.
ProHold® tip Screwholding –
No-gimmick ProHold® technology holds screws on tool without sacrificing strength or tool performance.
Strength Without Shattering –
Every tool can break, but a tool that shatters is dangerous. If a Bondhus tool fails, it will always break clean.
Handles Matching Torque –
A Bondhus tool’s handle is matched to its tools in order to help prevent overtorquing.
Superior Bits and Blades –
Bondhus bits and blades conform to the same standards of quality and precision as all other Bondhus tools.
Premiere Ball End Tools –
Bondhus invented the first Ball End hex tool. With years of improvements, we’re still the best there is.
Meets/Exceeds Standards –
Bondhus uses strict standards in materials, manufacturing, and quality testing to make sure our tools are always the best they can be.
Optimal Ball Angle/Strength –
The perfect balance between Ball End working angle and tool strength.
The Cost of Inferior Tools –
Cheap tools aren’t cheap! Bondhus saves you time, money, and aggravation.



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