Anchor Brand

The Anchor Brand is known for its comprehensive lines of industrial welding products and supplies. These include various types of welding consumables and accessories.

Welding helmet parts and accessories enable you to change the safety parameters of your protective headgear to meet the needs of the job at hand. Interchangeable filter plates and magnifier lenses help you customize your standard equipment. These parts and accessories are designed for convenient use by professional or amateur welders.

  • Added Protection – Selecting the right welding helmet parts and accessories adds another layer of protection when you’re working under dangerous conditions. Gold filter plate accessories reflect harmful infrared rays, while polycarbonate magnifying lenses make it easier to see small items.
  • Long-Lasting Use – A variety of interchangeable welding helmet parts and accessories ensures your basic headgear lasts for years. These safety- and comfort-based accessories come in handy if a part breaks or if you find your helmet doesn’t fit right and needs additional padding.
  • Portable Convenience – Use a custom bag to carry all of your welding helmet parts and accessories, so you’ll have everything you need for the job. Add a pair of welding gloves to your kit to ensure your hands stay as safe as your head.

The anchor brand of industrial supplies is the most comprehensive line of industrial equipment anywhere. Choose from industrial safety gear, protective gloves, contact tips, welding hoses, nozzles and more. Anchor brand safety coveralls are top quality for protection against chemicals and heat.

Shop Anchor Brand and get the welding equipment needed for your next project at IBT.

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