IBT Industrial Solutions is a leading distributor of gearing for a range of applications. IBT’s gearboxes provide the speed and torque to keep your operation up and running. Plus, with our wide selection of bearings, we can increase the torque density of your gearbox while decreasing the amount of energy used.

Gearbox Repair Services

IBT Industrial Solutions can help you avoid catastrophic gearbox failure and costly downtime through regular predictive and preventive maintenance. However, if repair is needed, IBT offers complete repair and overhaul services for all types of gearboxes and reducers, including manufactured, OEM and custom built units, whether purchased from IBT Industrial Solutions or another supplier.

Complete Gearbox Repair and Overhaul | Inspect and Troubleshoot | Bearing and Seal Replacement | Custom/Obsolete Gearing | Vibration Analysis | Shaft Accessory Removal and Replacement | Waste Oil Disposal | Factory Authorized Build Center | Custom Ratios and Ratings | High Efficiency Drives | Quick Turn Around | Stocked Sub-Assemblies and Components | Oil and Wear Particle Analysis

IBT Industrial Solutions extensive gearing products, paired with our gearbox repair services ensure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Bevel
  • Miter
  • Worm
  • Change
  • Spiral
  • Gear Rack
  • Helical
  • Spur
  • Standard and Specials
  • Bevel
  • Worm Gear
  • Shaft Mounted
  • Helical
  • Parallel Shaft
  • Planetary
  • Spiral Bevel
  • Right Angle
  • Gear Head Drives
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