Less Is More With Lenze’s i500 Frequency Inverter Series

By IBT Inc

November 27, 2018



The Lenze i500 is an innovative frequency inverter series in the 0.33 to 177 Hp (0.25 to 132 kW) power range. With a streamlined design, scalable functionality and exceptional user-friendliness, the i500 provides a high-quality frequency inverter that already conforms to future standard in accordance with the EN 50598-2 efficiency classes (IE).

Overall, the Lenze i500 series provides reliable and future-proof drives for a wide range of machine applications, such as: traveling drives, conveyor drives, shaper drives, pumps and fans, tool drives, hoist drives and winding drives.

The right i500 can be customized, or scaled, to suit the application. The term “scaled” refers to the series’ two optimized products: the i510 as the basic design with predefined modes and the high-capacity modular i550 for a variety of applications. The inverter is also scalable via an accessory kit. You can simply select all the necessary components oriented to your application.


See How Less Translates To More with The Lenze i500 Series


Smaller Unnecessary Elements

Greater Cost Savings

High scalability in terms of the mains voltage range, rated power and modular structure
Supports all current networks Diagnostics via keypad, USB or WLAN

 Optimized solution for individual
customer requirements



Smaller Size

Greater Space In The Control Cabinet

Up to 15 hp, only 5.12 in deep and, up to 3 hp, only 2.36 in wide
Side-by-side installation: can be mounted adjacent to each other

 Provides solutions in limited spaces
Smaller control cabinets reduce costs



Smaller Engineering Expenditure

Greater Time For What Really Matters

Intuitively logical structure of parameters
Easy controller integration

 Saves time in engineering
Reduction in potential error sources



Smaller Installation Expenses

Greater Productivity

Keyhole mounting
Plug-in terminals up to 3 hp
Out-of-the-box operability
Plug-in memory module

 Saves time during installation
Fewer faults in use
Lower costs in the event of a service



Smaller Energy Consumption

Greater Sustainability

Fewer inverter losses thanks to the
use of cutting-edge technologies

 Best efficiency values, lowest energy costs
Future-proof thanks to DIN EN 50598



Smaller Downtime

Greater Reliability

Robust single board design
Entire device produced by Lenze
 Lower quality assurance costs in manufacture
Reduces operational guarantee costs



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