IBT Launches New Website

By IBT Inc

October 22, 2013


Check out the new website!

In Septemberibtsite, IBT Industrial Solutions officially launched its newer, better version of www.ibtinc.com.  The new website is easier to navigate, with an enhanced interface, improved layout, and content organized around client preference.

“We’ve been planning a website upgrade for some time, as part of our overall growth strategy,” said Anthony Akin, Director of Marketing, E-Commerce, and Information Systems at IBT.  “We wanted to make the overall user and navigation experience as easy as possible for our customers.”

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IBT partnered with ER Marketing to design the front end of the website and build out the back-end databases required to operate it.

“A good website should have a shelf life of 3+ years,” said Elton Mayfield, Chief Operating Officer at ER Marketing.  “A company’s website must stay current with technology and user experience.  This site was built to be very dynamic, more relevant, and much easier for the team at IBT to update.”

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Mayfield added that the new, improved website allows customer to quickly find specific, individual branches on the site.  The goal is to provide a more personalized service experience online.

“Eventually, the goal is to be able to show customers specific products—and even promotions—at their local IBT store location, so they can see what’s happening at IBT in their area,” Mayfield said.

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“We want customers to come try out the new site and have a look around,” Akin added.  “We’re looking forward to getting their feedback on the look, feel, and content—and then taking it to the next level, as part of our comprehensive marketing strategy to better serve our customers.”

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