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Welding Safety Products from Fibre-Metal

They didn't guess. They asked. Fibre-Metal talked to craftsmen welders from across the US. And, these craftsmen told them what they wanted most in welding safety personal protective equipment (PPE) - from design and comfort, to price and performance. The result: new Fibre-Metal FMX -... Read More

Water-Jel Technology for Burns

When burns occur - and they happen all too often - prompt response can alleviate pain and help prevent greater damage. Superior response frequently involves the use of Water-Jel first aid products. Water-Jel, available from IBT Safety is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the... Read More

Get That “Tingley” Feeling All Over

Since 1896, when Charles O. Tingley opened the doors of Tingley Rubber, until this very day, the company has operated with an emphasis on quality and excellence. Today, they continue to be a leading supplier of protective clothing and footwear for industry. Sold through IBT... Read More

Prevent Hearing Loss and Boost your Protection and Safety

Everywhere you go, it's a loud and hazardous world for your ears. Paying close attention to noise levels and using hearing protection devices, on the job and off, can help conserve your hearing and boost your protection and safety. In some ways, it is a... Read More

Hearing Protection Devices from Sperian

The Sperian Protection Group designs and manufactures personal protection equipment (PPE) including electronic noise attenuation helmets, ear muffs and single-use or re-useable ear plugs under brand names that have become benchmarks on their market: Bilsom and Howard Leight. The Ultimate in Safety & Protection Your... Read More

Clean Hands Protect Against Germs

IBT Safety's line of industrial sanitation products includes Georgia-Pacific hand soap and dispensers, paper goods such as towels and bath tissue, hand sanitizers and much more. Contact your IBT sales specialist for more information or email us today. Germs are numerous and can be found... Read More

Uncomplicating MSDS Compliance

There is no maybe about it. You have to manage your HazMats. And, critical to that management process is complying with OSHA MSDS requirements. The requirement is essentially uncomplicated. It compels the maintenance of a complete set of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for any... Read More

Defy Gravity: Fall Arrest Harness

Full-body harnesses distribute fall forces throughout the body, substantially reducing the chance of injury. In addition, the full-body harness keeps the worker suspended upright in the event of a fall and supported while awaiting rescue. Harnesses should be selected based on the work to be... Read More

Heart Attack Survival On The Job

OSHA encourages defibrillator use to revive workers with cardiac arrest. Using Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save the lives of workers who experience cardiac arrest while on the job. OSHA encourages employers to consider making this equipment available in their workplaces. IBT Safety is your... Read More

Welding Can Be Hazardous

Extremely high heat, eye-damaging visible and non visible bright light, flying bits of incandescent metal, high voltage electricity, potentially hazardous atmospheres, gases in flame and gases under pressure. The welder's life is not a happy one. But, with attention to OSHA regulations and the use... Read More

IBT Safety Consulting: When It’s Time To Call in the Expert

Think of IBT Safety Consulting as a kind of insurance policy. The organization provides complete compliance surveys as "pre-audits" for all kinds of industrial facilities. These audits involve walkthroughs of the facilities, as well as reviews of records and program documentation. Their services are designed... Read More

Respirator Glossary

The following definitions are important terms used when discussing the respiratory protection. Air-purifying respirator means a respirator with an air-purifying filter, cartridge, or canister that removes specific air contaminants by passing ambient air through the air-purifying element. Atmosphere-supplying respirator means a respirator that supplies the... Read More

OSHA Hand Protection & Glossary of Glove Terms

1910.138(a) General requirements. Employers shall select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when employees' hands are exposed to hazards such as those from skin absorption of harmful substances; severe cuts or lacerations; severe abrasions; punctures; chemical burns; thermal burns; and harmful temperature extremes.... Read More

Guide to Gloves

A lot more goes into a glove than just your hand. And picking the proper gloves is considerably more difficult than figuring out which one is the left and which is the right. Just some of what must be taken into account includes: Abrasion resistance... Read More

On the Job with Gary Porter

"I have more than twenty years in the safety area," Gary Porter confides. "In that time, I've seen some near misses, some preventable tragedies and some silly situations that have amazed me. Generally, my job has taken me to lots of places and let me... Read More

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