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Hub City Line Excels in Cleanliness

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers demand and expect the highest levels of hygiene in the production environment. When processing meat, poultry, produce, baking products, dairy products and pharmaceuticals, there can be no compromise. Products used in these industries must be built to be clean, stay clean... Read More

Drives’ Pressing Engagement

It was a real challenge that Drives USA Chain faced when they set out to install the newest piece of machinery into their factory. To start out with, it was located about 400 miles from their Fulton, Illinois location. It also was kind of large,... Read More

Great and Getting Even Better

More than 50 years ago, Dodge® (now Baldor) introduced the Torque Arm. At that time, the shaft mounted speed reducer established new standards of reliability. As a result, Torque Arm was highly successful, and is in use throughout the world. Not willing to be satisfied,... Read More