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Drives USA Chain Wins National Award

"We accelerate growth." Drives USA Chain Recipient of the 2008 North American Mechanical Power Transmission, Chain Drives Customer Value Enhancement Award by FROST & SULLIVAN IBT supplier Drives USA Chain has won the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement for... Read More

Baldor Dodge’s Best Products

More than one hundred years and three generations after its founding, family owned and operated Bush Brothers & Company is the largest manufacturer of prepared beans in the country. Their Chestnut Hill, Tenn. plant produces millions of cans per week in a state-of-the-art facility that... Read More

Diamond Chain Sparkles In the Field

The grain harvest is no place for chump chain. To do the job in a grain combine, roller chain has got to be tough stuff. The hours are long; the work is hard. And the work environment is super challenging! In fact, the working conditions... Read More

Martin Sprocket: Big In FHP drives

Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc., an established power transmisison manufacturer, has a significant presence in the fractional horsepower (FHP) marketplace for sheaves. FHP drives are found in an increasingly large number of types of equipment, ranging from simple domestic machines such as farm and garden... Read More

New Chain Accessories from Drives USA Chain

Wear Gauge Take it out before you wear it out. Drives USA Chain has a new tool: a steel wear gauge that lets you check chains for wear and make the switch when you plan to - not when it is worn, wearing out or... Read More

Baldor-Dodge MagnaGear XTR

Meet the newest big, strong reducer in the Dodge® family: MagnaGear XTRTM. This extra tough reducer has been engineered to offer maximum reliability and superior performance in demanding, high torque applications and to lower total cost of ownership. MagnaGear XTR is available with parallel shaft... Read More

Dichtomatik O-Ring Round Up

An O-Ring is a little bit of rubber or related material that may not look like much. But, it is beyond essential in the operating of modern industrial equipment. It is generally believed that the failure of an O-Ring was behind the dramatic and tragic... Read More

Shimpo’s Innovative Reducer

Shimpo has a new reducer which can be dropped in to replace the SM Cyclone Shimpo has introduced the Circulute 3000® Reducer, their next generation cycloidal speed reducer. It is available from IBT. The Circulute 3000, readily available with inputs for both servo and induction... Read More

Power Transmission Named DODGE

Reducers, gearmotors and adapters bearing the DODGE® brand are available through IBT. IBT has been a Dodge distributor since the 1950's. Since January 2007, Dodge has been part of Baldor Electric Company, a leading supplier of manufacturers of industrial electric motors, power transmission products, drives... Read More

Hub City & IBT Launch “Assembled On Demand” Gearbox Program

In what is the first Hub City High Efficiency gearbox assembly facility that is not company owned and operated, Hub City of Aberdeen, South Dakota (a Regal-Beloit Company) and IBT of Merriam, Kansas, have started a joint program. IBT's Gear Shop is now assembling Hub... Read More

Goodyear Cures Tension Headaches

  Properly adjusting the tension on PT belts is difficult, tedious and time consuming. In addition, the penalties for getting it wrong include accelerated component wear, unscheduled equipment down time and increased costs and time for routine maintenance procedures. Engineers at Goodyear have developed a... Read More

Hub City Line Excels in Cleanliness

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers demand and expect the highest levels of hygiene in the production environment. When processing meat, poultry, produce, baking products, dairy products and pharmaceuticals, there can be no compromise. Products used in these industries must be built to be clean, stay clean... Read More

Drives’ Pressing Engagement

It was a real challenge that Drives USA Chain faced when they set out to install the newest piece of machinery into their factory. To start out with, it was located about 400 miles from their Fulton, Illinois location. It also was kind of large,... Read More

Great and Getting Even Better

More than 50 years ago, Dodge® (now Baldor) introduced the Torque Arm. At that time, the shaft mounted speed reducer established new standards of reliability. As a result, Torque Arm was highly successful, and is in use throughout the world. Not willing to be satisfied,... Read More

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