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Need an MSHA conveyor belt?

IBT is now stocking Goodyear EP's Plylon® and Plylon Plus® conveyor belt, featuring ARMA-SBR covers for power plants and other applications requiring MSHA compliance for designation 28-3 for flame resistance. Learn more about Plylon and Plylon Plus conveyor belt.Plylon is a poly/nylon, low-stretch belt that... Read More

The Benefits of Hub City High Efficiency Gear Boxes

What's the problem with worm gears? For years, industry used worm gear reducers. A worm gear unit is very inefficient. The sliding action of the worm and worm gears create heat, which equates to lost efficiency. This friction makes them about 65% efficient. If you... Read More

You Get Exactly What You Pay For

When looking to purchase roller chain, it's tempting to consider the many low priced options. But making a decision based on purchase price alone can actually cost you more in the long run. Instead of focusing on short term cost savings, focus on the total... Read More

Guide To Roller Chain

  Essential knowledge about the primary features strategically designed into USA Roller Chain have been committed to a tutorial by Drives USA Chain and is available online.   The program, called Chain 101, is also titled Features, Function & Benefits of USA Roller Chain. Consisting... Read More

HTR & HTRC Synchronous Belt Drive System

TM belts, which have a Reinforced Parabolic Profile (RPP) tooth design allowing the belt teeth to sit deeper in the sprocket compared to standard belts. Combining these belts with DODGE Taper-Lock® sprockets yields the most power dense synchronous drive system. The unique angle of the... Read More

New Innovative QuickTape 249 from Loctite

Revolutionizing Threadlocking... One threaded fastener at a time. Loctite® QuickTape® 249TM Threadlocker Tape The First Threadlocker in Tape Form! No Mess, No Waste Same Reliability & Performance as Loctite® Removable Grade Threadlocking Liquids A Must for Every Toolbox! Introducing Henkel's newest innovation - Loctite® QuickTape®... Read More

Gear Reducer & Energy-Efficient Motor for Conveyor System

Synopsis: Dodge® Quantis® RHB & Baldor RelianceTM XE Motor made all the difference in gaining efficiencies and managing costs in one food industry's conveying system. Background: A large food manufacturing company had been using various brands of worm and helical gear boxes to drive the... Read More

Dodge MagnaGear XTR Reducers

The ultimate advancement in speed reducers-Dodge® MagnaGear XTR™. Engineered with Dodge proven planetary and helical gear technology! MagnaGear XTR reducers' simple power-dense design offers torque ratings from 100,000 to 920,000 in-lbs. assuring increased reliability in a more compact, economical, heavy-duty package. With this torque range,... Read More

Drive Change Training from IBT Industrial Solutions

Take advantage of IBT's new Drive Change training - a comprehensive program designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of belt systems throughout your facility. Drive Change training, developed by Goodyear Engineered Products, combines first-class drive diagnostic tools and comprehensive training to ensure you maximize... Read More

PT News and Awards from Goodyear Engineered Products

Plant Engineers vote Falcon HTC® #1 - Readers of Plant Engineering magazine have selected the revolutionary Goodyear Engineered Products power transmission belt as a 2009 Product of the Year. Upgrade of self-tracking belt released - New Goodyear Engineered Products Eagle NRGTM belt builds on past... Read More

The Importance of a Smooth Radial Shaft in Sealing Applications

Radial shaft seals (also called oil seals or grease seals) are expected to do many things when they are placed in an application. At the very least, they are called on to keep grease or oil in place so a bearing will operate properly and... Read More

New Couplings From Baldor-Dodge

Baldor Electric Company has introduced new Dodge Para-Flex® G-Series couplings. They feature the innovative Para-Flex element, designed to accommodate concurrent angular, parallel, and axial misalignment and ensure fast, easy installation. Baldor contends that their new product offers superior technology in a smaller, more cost-effective package.... Read More

Boost Your Gear Drive Productivity

In any economic climate, productivity is a concern. In times as uncertain as these, productivity is an all-hands-on-deck exercise. Gains in productivity don't care where you find them. One place to look is gear drive efficiency. And one place to turn is to Hub City... Read More

When Exactly Is An O-Ring Not An O-Ring?

So when is an O-Ring not an O-Ring? When it's a D-Ring, an X-Ring, a Square Ring, or a Back-Up Ring, of course! The O-Ring is the workhorse of the "Ring" family, but its many relatives also perform important and valuable roles in industrial sealing... Read More

Stuck for A Part? Turn Slideways with IBT

For more than 15 years, IBT supplier Slideways has built their business by making quality custom components out of a variety of materials, specializing in various plastics. Slideways products are particularly applicable to packaging machinery and other power transmission and process equipment applications. Plastic components... Read More

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