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Hook Up With Diamond Chain

There are hundreds of uses for roller chain but some of the most interesting are those utilizing attachments. Diamond Chain, a leading IBT supplier, offers a wide variety of attachment chain sizes and configurations. Many of the "standard attachments" are covered by Diamond's 48-Hour (Code... Read More

Goodyear’s Maximizer: On-Tap Expertise

Making choices is easier if you have the right information at your finger tips. When the choices involve the selection of Goodyear power transmission belts, making the right choice can save you time, money and aggravation, and prevent doubt and confusion. MaximizerTM is an exciting... Read More

QD Keyless Bushing

New: A QD bushing that eliminates backlash between the key and key seat. A QD timing belt pulley that is easily timed with respect to the shaft. The Trantorque QC Keyless Bushing series from Fenner Drives is directly interchangeable with JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK,... Read More

Is Going Keyless The Answer?

How do you connect a power transmission component or other item to a shaft? There are three traditional approaches: shrink fit/press fit, material fit, keys and splines. A shrink fit mounted component is heated to expand the hub bore. It's then placed on the shaft... Read More

New Lovejoy Tensioner Improves Coal Pulverizer Efficiency

Electric power is always in demand, so coal-fired power plants are always on duty. These plants burn coal that has been pulverized - and require multiple coal pulverizers. Pulverized coal produces fewer emissions and more efficient burning. Lovejoy was enlisted to help a power plant... Read More

Diamond Chain Overcomes Obstacles and Adversity

Everyday you use it, you find out how good your engineered chain is. It is subjected to shock loads, tension, friction, weight and speed variations. And, it must have consistent dimensions and meet tight tolerances throughout its entire length. So, it has to be strong, durable,... Read More

Behind the Scenes of IBT’s Gear Shop


Identifying the Mystery Part Deliveries at IBT's Gear Shop are always interesting. Inevitably, some large, heavy, greasy dirty chunk of metal arrives. The staff is usually curious and eager to find out just what the factory fates have dealt up this time. Generally, they are... Read More

Goodyear’s Laser Alignment

When the sheaves on your belt drive are properly aligned, they perform much better. There is no loss of energy or efficiency. Components work better and last longer. The chance of the belt or even the drive components being damaged is greatly reduced. Misalignment can... Read More

Dodge Washdown Reducers Improve Operations In Harsh Duty Environments

Dodge QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN® washdown reducers and C-face gearmotors can improve operations in harsh duty environments, such as the food, beverage, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. The QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN family of products offers three types of gear reducers: In-Line Helical (ILH); Right Angle Helical Bevel (RHB);... Read More

Dodge Motorized Torque-Arm II Speed Reducers

With 60 years of proven dependability and more service throughout the world, DODGE TORQUE-ARM speed reducers are the standard of the industry. Dodge Twin Taper Bushing System Exclusive twin tapered bushings eliminate the wobble and fretting corrosion normally associated with single bushed shaft mounted reducers... Read More