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Martin Grid Couplings’ Blue-Flex Design is Built to Withstand Extreme Torque

blueflex grid couplings

Your power transmission systems are only as tough as your couplings; Luckily, Martin’s Blue-Flex™ Grid Couplings were designed with strength in mind. Made from high-strength steel tempered for long life, with a blue color for added visibility, this general purpose Martin grid coupling is built to handle... Read More

New Stainless Gearboxes Ideal for Food and Chemical Processing

If you work in food or chemical processing, then you know that traditional epoxy-painted and cast iron gearboxes don’t last long.  The constant chemical exposure, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdown causes the paint to chip—and rusts the metal, which eventually gets eaten away. Longer-Lasting... Read More

Get 5x Longer Life with Self-Lubricating Roller Chain


Is it time to invest in a self-lubricating roller chain?  The best in maintenance-free roller chain, by Diamond Chain Company, is blowing away the competition with a longer wear life and the capacity to work in several food applications. But not every facility needs self-lubricating roller... Read More

When Exactly Should I Use a Jaw-in-Shear (JIS) Coupling?

Lovejoy JIS Coupling

Could your plant benefit from using jaw-in-shear (JIS) couplings?  This flexible coupling is very powerful, and solves a number of operational challenges. “The jaw coupling is one of the most widely used flexible couplings in the power transmission field,” said Charlie Mudra, the Distribution Channel... Read More

Supplier Overview: Hub City

Hub City Hub City is a world-renowned name in gear drives, gear motors and related power transmission components. Their large product offering is advantageous for a multitude of applications and industries, such as: packaging, recreation, transportation, military, construction, arts and entertainment, communication, material handling, medical... Read More

Bearing & Power Transmission Academy

What Will You Get from Bearing & Power Transmission Academy? This 2 ½ day training intensive course from IBT Industrial Solutions gives your team a hands-on opportunity to learn correct installation, operation, and maintenance of bearings and power transmissions—in a stress-free “learning lab” environment. Participants in... Read More

What Exactly Is Custom Forging?

What Is Forging? Forging is a manufacturing process that goes back centuries—all the way to blacksmith days.  It involves heating a metal alloy and shaping it into different configurations. Today, however, forging is a precise science that requires a high degree of skill and specialized... Read More

4 Reasons to Use a Stainless Steel Hub City HERA

Hub City HERA

If you use a High-Efficiency Right Angle (HERA) or a worm gear drive, then you should consider the new stainless steel, IP69K-Certified Hub City HERA, which hit the market in 2014.  Perfect for wet environments, it is smaller and more power dense than a worm... Read More

Need a Custom-Made Gear from Martin Sprocket & Gear?

Common Gear Problems Sometimes your gear just isn’t working as well—or as long—as you’d hoped.  It fails too quickly or doesn’t fit well into your operation.  Maybe your steel gear can’t stand up to a wet environment.  Or you might have an old gear that’s... Read More

Hub City HERA─Smaller Gearbox, Greater Efficiency

Hub City HERA

Customers who use right-angle gearboxes are discovering the power and efficiency of Hub City's High-Efficiency Right Angle Worm Gearbox (HERA), featuring hypoid helical gearing, to replace traditional worm gear drives. Pays for Itself in 1 Year The Hub City HERA astonishing 90% efficiency rate can... Read More