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A Must Have How-To Guide For 3M Reusable Respirator Maintenance

3M reusable respirators

Quality 3M reusable respirator maintenance is essential. 3M 6000 and 7000 series respirators must be inspected before each use to ensure good operating condition. The facepiece must be repaired or replaced if there are damaged or defective parts. The following inspection procedure is suggested: Check... Read More

Save Time with Disposable, Reusable Respirators from 3M

There are many types of respiratory hazards. Some of these can cause severe injury—or even death. Some cause chronic illnesses, such as silicosis. The best way to prevent illness and injury from breathing hazards? Get the right protection. Choosing the Right Level of Safety Protection... Read More

Dura-Line Uses Yaskawa Vector Drives for Pipe Extruder Production

In 2006, Corporate Maintenance Manager J.R. Sell bought drives to run 11 different extruder manufacturing lines at Dura-Line’s Mountain Grove, Missouri facility.  The company is known around the world for their high-quality HDPE conduit, smoothwall, polypipe, and pressure pipe. Today, in 2014, only 1 of... Read More

Why Motor Alignment Saves Your Company Money

How important is it to align the motors in your shop?  A article, “Shaft Alignment, Soft Foot & Energy Savings,” cited studies that show you can get a real energy savings of 2.3% by aligning a loaded machine—and as much as 9% on an unloaded machine.  For a... Read More

SPX Hydraulic Testers — Test Hydraulic System’s Efficiency Now!

If your hydraulic system is not running effectively or efficiently, then it’s costing you time and money:  money in lost productivity, and time spent diagnosing and repairing the system. Now there’s a better way.  Introducing the SPX HT50A, HT75, and HT200 hydraulic testers.  In only... Read More

SKF Machine Condition Indicator Monitors Machine Health

Worried about unplanned downtime—due to a machine failure?  SKF’s tiny new 4 oz. sensor, called a machine condition indicator, can be mounted directly to your equipment by stud mount or epoxy, and can tell you if there’s an impending failure with a simple flashing light.... Read More

Start A Predictive Maintenance Program

Company maintenance programs are generally either reactive or preventive. A reactive program is driven by the mentality of fixing it when it breaks. This means that repairs are generally done under the gun. The line is down, the money meter is running at high speed, the bosses... Read More

Prevent Machinery Damage with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division

The stuff of industry is man-made and, therefore, inherently breakable. Usually at the time and in the manner that is most inconvenient for all concerned. When it does, you need a friend. We can recommend that you call your old friend IBT's IMT (Industrial Maintenance Technologies... Read More

What’s The Best Maintenance Program For Your Plant?

In the world industrial maintenance there is no time for "down time." Any time a plant has to halt production to perform maintenance or repairs, it means less product will be produced. This ultimately means lost revenue. Businesses are always looking for cost-cutting solutions and... Read More

IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies Inside at Nuke Power Plant Outage

Nuclear power plants are extremely complicated to maintain, especially because of the safety and security factors. Although much of the work that is needed to keep a plant up and running can be done during normal operations, each plant schedules a major outage at eighteen... Read More

Preventive Maintenance with IBT Industrial Maintenance Technologies

The idea of preventive maintenance (PM) for parts on the shelf is one area that some people may think is unnecessary. That can be a false economy. At IBT Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT), we have heard about large electrical motors that were stored for several... Read More

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes For IMT

In a factory, with all of its mechanical equipment, vibration is a given. Moving stuff vibrates. End of story, right? Not necessarily. There is vibration and then there is vibration. Essentially, some vibes are good. Some vibes are not so good. It is the job... Read More

IBT Industrial Maintenance Technologies Assists Biodiesel Plant

For more than twenty years, IBT Industrial Maintenance Technologies has provided predictive maintenance services to a Cargill Oilseed plant in Kansas City's East Bottoms. The plant, which includes new facilities capable of processing up to 165,000 bushels of soybeans per day, provides soybean oil for... Read More

Experienced Repair from the Experts

Experienced people working on a repetitive repair or maintenance task often develop expertise and special ways to get the work done. Some of these may be shortcuts - legitimate or not. Some of their special ways may be in response to the individual peculiarities of... Read More

Prevent Problems Now

As technicians, it is an article of faith to us that our preventative maintenance inspections and troubleshooting help clients intervene before undesirable consequences caused by undiscovered problems wreak unexpected havoc on an industrial plant's operation. We truly believe in our ounce of prevention, but we... Read More