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Take Back Your Storeroom Shelves By Switching to the HERA Gearbox


You might’ve heard how Hub City’s HERA® (High-Efficiency Right Angle) Gear Reducer offers up to 40% energy savings, or how their compact HERA Gearbox performs at 90% efficiency, or even that their FDA-Approved, IP 69K Stainless Steel HERA is the best choice for harsh or... Read More

IBT Gear Shop Handles 2:00 a.m. Christmas Holiday Emergency


The call came in at 2:00 a.m. on December 28th—a day that most people are home with their families, enjoying holiday time off. A food manufacturing plant in the Kansas City area was down with an outage, and they needed help. Help from someone that... Read More

5 Reasons to Invest in a Baldor-Dodge Stainless Steel Gearbox

SS Tigear Quill Solid

Many people are hesitant to invest in a Baldor-Dodge stainless steel gearbox.  After all, these top-of-the-line gearboxes typically cost almost twice as much as cast iron, aluminum, or epoxy-painted gearboxes. However, the newer generation of stainless gearboxes not only costs less upfront, but also saves... Read More

Baldor-Dodge Gear Reducer Can Help Improve Uptime

No plant can afford to have processing lines shut down when inspectors find corrosion or other damage that can result from the cleaning process. Understanding the advanced features now available in washdown-capable Baldor-Dodge Gear Reducers will help you select the most durable product. Housing Materials Most... Read More

What Exactly Is Custom Forging?

What Is Forging? Forging is a manufacturing process that goes back centuries—all the way to blacksmith days.  It involves heating a metal alloy and shaping it into different configurations. Today, however, forging is a precise science that requires a high degree of skill and specialized... Read More

Need a Custom-Made Gear from Martin Sprocket & Gear?

Common Gear Problems Sometimes your gear just isn’t working as well—or as long—as you’d hoped.  It fails too quickly or doesn’t fit well into your operation.  Maybe your steel gear can’t stand up to a wet environment.  Or you might have an old gear that’s... Read More