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Meet the “Boss”

What has 10 wheels, 176 square feet, and uses state-of-the-art technology to showcase Dixon's product line and enhanced safety training? If you guessed one of Dixon's mobile connections trailers, you're right. In April 2004, Dixon introduced its first mobile training trailer, named "Boss," at the... Read More

Dixon Dry Disconnect Fittings Are A Must

Dixon Bayco brand BA and BS series bayonet dry disconnect fittings are guaranteed to be compatible with existing EMCO Wheaton models. These bayonet dry disconnect fittings are most commonly used for applications within the fuel and lube oil service industry. They are designed and tested... Read More

Flexco DRX Impact Beds – Protect The Belt

Flexco's DRX (Dual Relief Xtra™) Impact Beds are designed with one simple goal: protect the belt. How they meet that goal is revolutionary. They have engineered superior belt protection into the entire structure-not just the bars. Sturdy components, robust construction and convenient maintenance make our... Read More

Confine Pipe Conveyor Belt from Goodyear Engineered Products

Goodyear Engineered Products is proud to introduce Confine Pipe Conveyor Belt. Confine is a well-rounded solution for securing materials over the long haul. Available in steel cable and fabric-reinforced designs. See sizes in table below. Designed to outperform conventional pipe conveyor belt. Most pipe conveyor... Read More

Goodyear EP Solar-Shield XL750 For Extreme Hot Applications

When you want a longer-lasting conveyor belt for extreme hot applications, the choice is Goodyear Engineered Products branded Solar-Shield® belting. And for more demanding heat applications, the clear choice is new Solar-Shield XL750 conveyor belting. Like all Goodyear Engineered Products branded heat belts, Solar-Shield XL750... Read More

Goodyear Engineered Products F5 Air Hose

Goodyear's new F5TM Air Hose upsets the established order with its revolutionary hybrid thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) cover and tube - and its advanced features. This 300 psi air hose has flexibility and low drag resistance. It is a lightweight hose, offering the non-marking performance of... Read More

Plicord ExtremeFlex Hose from Goodyear

As the leader in the rubber compounding technology field, Goodyear Engineered Products are constantly evaluating and improving product selection, notably the V-Wing Series of lightweight and flexible hose. A recent innovation in the V-Wing family was the Chem One chemical transfer hose. With its extreme flexibility,... Read More

Sharp Idea from Flexco

Quick, accurate and easy cuts of thick heavy-duty belting materials are now possible with the new Electric Belt Cutter (EBC) from Flexco. It is a great way to cut all types of belting, from the softest of natural rubbers to the hardest constructed solid woven... Read More

Dixon Makes Right Connections Under Pressure

"Make the right connections" might be good advice for getting ahead in life. In the case of IBT and manufacturer partner Dixon Valve & Coupling Company, making the right connections can also be a matter of more than life success: it can be a matter... Read More

Goodyear and IBT Make Hose Crimping Easy

PC125M PC125 PC150-1 PC150-2 PC200-1 PC200-2 PC200-3 PC400 PC400-1 Goodyear & IBT Overview Ideal for portable crimping; low volume for occasional use. Click to enlarge Power Hand or pneumatic pump or 1/2 HP, 110V electric pump Kit Die ring pusher, metric micro-meter, stand, compression ring,... Read More

No-Guess Hose Plan from Goodyear

It's not all that easy to pick the proper industrial hose. Now with Goodyear's new HoseSelectTM automated specifying system, it's not all that hard either. The new HoseSelect on-line program can take all the guesswork out of choosing the best industrial hose for any given... Read More

Goodyear’s New Conquest

Goodyear has introduced Conquest 400/1, another rugged conveying belt product to provide their customers with a lower cost per ton of material conveyed. This lab-tested and field-proven tough belting material has only one ply - but there are at least four good reasons to use... Read More

Flexco Precleaners

Clean conveyors are a necessity to the efficiency of any rock quarry. The key to clean conveyor components is having a long-lasting cleaning blade properly tensioned against the conveyor belt surface to prevent material from collecting on the return side of the conveyor. The most... Read More

The Key To Hose Specifications

Getting equipped with the proper hose is really not too complicated, if you take the time to answer some simple questions about what you need and how you intend to use the hose you're seeking. Although the questions might be simple, as you will see,... Read More