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Self Lube Bearings From Isostatic Industries

Good maintenance practice dictates regular lubrication of bearings. Doing this assures dependable performance, good machine reliability and a certain relief from unexpected downtime. Unfortunately, not all bearings are easily lubricated, because not all bearings are easily accessed. Isostatic Industries has a solution: Oilube® self-lubricating bearings... Read More

Got a Shaft? Get a Grip!

When the Dodge (now Baldor) Grip-Tight Adapter Mounted Ball Bearing was introduced in the fall of 2002, the team responsible for designing and marketing the bearing knew they had a product that was like no other in the industry. Theirs was a uniquely engineered product... Read More

Don’t Be Cheap on Bearings

My old boss, Al Markland, took pride in saving money. He bought his clothes on sale, carried his lunch to work, drove low priced cars until they had high mileage, used grocery store coupons. He even only went to low priced movies. Markland wasn't thrifty.... Read More