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Don’t Miss the Koyo Training Vehicle-Coming to Tech X 500!

Register for Tech X today! If your maintenance/repair staff handles lots of bearings, then Koyo’s got the training tool for you: a mobile training classroom called the KTV (Koyo Training Vehicle). This super-cool, fully outfitted RV carries a hands-on learning lab on board—and can park... Read More

Troubleshooting and Preventing Bearing, Lubrication, and Drive Failures

Want to schedule a class? Contact Gary Hense, Director of Training, (913) 428-2817 or Do you want to extend the life of your equipment and lower your maintenance costs—without using expensive monitoring equipment? Instructor Mike Pistone teaches participants to correctly select, install, and maintain bearings—reducing... Read More

Proper Shaft Alignment with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies

Machinery shaft alignment is critical to machine reliability. IBT's Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) Department reveals that in a best case scenario, machinery experiences coupling failure and premature bearing wear. At worst, machinery vibrates apart and causes a catastrophic failure. The proper shaft alignment can help... Read More

Loose Belts Caused by Incorrect Belt Tension Sink Bearings

Bearings on belt-driven machinery are vulnerable to failures caused by incorrect belt tension. Too tight a belt, and the shaft can actually pull to one side, becoming internally off-center. This will put an excessive load on the bearings. Even more damage is likely from a... Read More

Play Lubrication By Ear with IMT

Over lubricating a bearing is about as hazardous as under lubricating it. When do you stop? Some people wait until grease flows out of it. That's too much lubrication, to be sure. Bearing manufacturers report that over lubrication is one of the major causes of... Read More

Bearing Currents Can Shorten Electric Motor Life

Premature failures of induction motor bearings have many causes. The growing use of Variable Frequency Drives with induction motors has generated no shortage of research by motor design engineers on this subject. A primary culprit identified by this research is motor shaft voltages. Two sources... Read More

Tough Jobs May Not Last. Tough Bearings Do.

Hot water. Cold water. Disinfectants. Cooking fats. Acids and corrosives. Washdown chemicals. All in all, it's a hard life when you're a washdown bearing. First they ask you to work long shifts in demanding environ ments. Then they ask you to last a long, long... Read More

New SKF Bearings Save Energy

SKF engineers have made significant improvements to two common bearing designs, resulting in a new bearing family with broad industrial applications. They can offer energy savings of one third compared with standard bearings. With growing concern for the environment and a desire to adopt greener... Read More

The New Koyo Training Vehicle Features Mobile Training

In the bearing business, knowledge is important for customers, installers, maintenance pros and plant technicians. There is a lot to know and the information is critical to proper installation, removal, lubrication, specifying and failure prevention and analysis. You have to know what you are doing... Read More

Where Are Your Bearings Coming From?

  When you pay for SKF quality, you should get SKF quality. If you get your SKF bearings or other products through unauthorized distributors, you risk getting far less. Illegal bearing manufacturers deploy devious techniques to fool end-users and OEMs. Some of these include: New... Read More