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Inspecting Fall Restraint Systems

A fall restraint system has a simple job: save your life if you are in a risky situation - and happen to fall. Like most equipment, there are a number of ways it can be damaged when in use - or between uses. The trick... Read More

Training Makes The Difference

It's easy to be an IBT outside sales rep, inside salesperson or store manager. All you have to do is know nearly everything. You have to understand electric motors, be knowledgeable about power transmission, be able to identify bearings at 20 paces, know how to... Read More

Things You Should Know About Forklifts

Forklifts are great at moving large and heavy loads around the job site. They can lift, lower, place, and transport items that would be impossible to move using human power - and impractical to move using cranes or other devices. Forklifts fill an essential role... Read More

When Your Electric Motor Won’t Go, Let IBT Know

A good electric motor can give you years of reliable service. They are built to perform and engineered to last. Many recently designed motors are capable of improving the energy efficiency of an operation. As good as they are, and as reliable as they are... Read More

Drives’ Pressing Engagement

It was a real challenge that Drives USA Chain faced when they set out to install the newest piece of machinery into their factory. To start out with, it was located about 400 miles from their Fulton, Illinois location. It also was kind of large,... Read More

Consulting Services From IBT Safety

Safety and Health Compliance Audits IBT Safety will conduct a complete physical and programmatic compliance audit of virtually any industrial facility. IBT Safety conducts both OSHA and MSHA compliance audits. IBT Safety's staff of consultants has a wide range of experience. Their audit will consist... Read More

The Path to Productivity

Productivity can be measured - and therefore managed. By managing productivity, your organization can take steps to increase it. Productivity is a simple concept. It is the ratio of output to input. Increasing the output of an operation, or decreasing the input - or both... Read More

Great and Getting Even Better

More than 50 years ago, Dodge® (now Baldor) introduced the Torque Arm. At that time, the shaft mounted speed reducer established new standards of reliability. As a result, Torque Arm was highly successful, and is in use throughout the world. Not willing to be satisfied,... Read More

Pro Model 12 Volt Cordless Grease Gun

The cordless Alemite 575 is the most innovative grease gun ever designed, giving you faster more efficient lubrication: High-Pressure Delivery: up to 6500 psi High Flow Rate: 5.25 ounces 3-Way Loading: 14-ounce cartridge, 16 ounces bulk or suction loaded Lightweight: 6.8 lbs The Alemite cordless... Read More

Heat Illness

HIGH TEMPERATURE + HIGH HUMIDITY + PHYSICAL WORK = HEAT ILLNESS Heat Exhaustion When the body is unable to cool itself through sweating, serious heat illnesses may occur. The most severe heat-induced illnesses are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If left untreated, heat exhaustion could... Read More

Loctite Threadlocker Sticks

Loctite is a recognized leader in products for MRO - and their threadlockers are especially well-regarded. Now, Loctite has gone a step further and is offering their most popular threadlockers packaged a whole new way: threadlocker sticks. They can be easily carried in a pocket... Read More

Don’t Be Cheap on Bearings

My old boss, Al Markland, took pride in saving money. He bought his clothes on sale, carried his lunch to work, drove low priced cars until they had high mileage, used grocery store coupons. He even only went to low priced movies. Markland wasn't thrifty.... Read More

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