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End of An Era

Forrest L. Cloud 1921- 2005 Forrest L. Cloud, who established IBT as Industrial Bearing & Transmission Co. Inc. with wife Bonnie in 1949, passed away in Kansas City on Tuesday, March 15, 2005. Mr. Cloud, who had been physically active until quite recently, had sustained... Read More

Not All Lube Plans are Created Equal

Consider the case of the lubrication mysteries at TRF Corp. Ted, Red and Fred all work in the maintenance group and each is assigned a different, but identical, assembly line to look after. For some reason, the bearings on Ted's line seem to fail more... Read More

A Day in the Life of CDC

The overnight hours are quiet at IBT's 120,000 square foot Central Distribution Center (CDC). During the day, some of the department's 20 employees circulate around the 12 miles of shelving, selecting merchandise from the approximately 350,000 SKUs in inventory to fill the more than 1,600... Read More

Goodyear Cures Tension Headaches

  Properly adjusting the tension on PT belts is difficult, tedious and time consuming. In addition, the penalties for getting it wrong include accelerated component wear, unscheduled equipment down time and increased costs and time for routine maintenance procedures. Engineers at Goodyear have developed a... Read More

How Did My Cheese Move?

Automation for Quality and Consistency Automation can bring many benefits to an operating environment. Siemens combined various systems and technologies into an integrated command and control system can help improve quality, consistency, throughput and process analysis. Often, an automated system can also lower labor costs... Read More

Feed Mills That Run Themselves

Running a feed mill can be a pretty complicated process. There is grain to receive and store. Ingredients to be processed, mixed, weighed, and transported through the plant. There are recipes to be coordinated, equipment to be monitored, and records to be kept and analyzed.... Read More

The Key To Hose Specifications

Getting equipped with the proper hose is really not too complicated, if you take the time to answer some simple questions about what you need and how you intend to use the hose you're seeking. Although the questions might be simple, as you will see,... Read More

On the Job with Gary Porter

"I have more than twenty years in the safety area," Gary Porter confides. "In that time, I've seen some near misses, some preventable tragedies and some silly situations that have amazed me. Generally, my job has taken me to lots of places and let me... Read More

The ABC’s of Fluid Power

Like many areas, the fluid power world has a very specific professional vocabulary. Here are some of the most common terms frequently used. To get your own copy of the whole fluid power glossary, contact IBT Fluid Power . Actuator: Device in which power is... Read More

IBT’s Proven Expertise

There are many organizations to turn to if you are looking for material handling equipment and systems. Companies large and small throughout the midwest act as manufacturers representatives, distributors, consolidators, integrators and plain old sales people. What sets the IBT Engineering Services Group apart from... Read More

IBT Safety & Health: On The Job

Visiting a work site with an IBT Safety & Health professional is an eye-opening and somewhat alarming experience. The two of you can be looking at the same scene and seeing vastly different things. To an average observer, it will appear that everything is OK.... Read More

Hub City Line Excels in Cleanliness

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers demand and expect the highest levels of hygiene in the production environment. When processing meat, poultry, produce, baking products, dairy products and pharmaceuticals, there can be no compromise. Products used in these industries must be built to be clean, stay clean... Read More

MSA Gas Detection Instruments

IBT is a distributor of gas detection instruments from MSA. These quality instruments are for monitoring gas for worker protection and environmental monitoring, using sensing technologies from catalytic and electrochemical to infrared. Multigas Instruments IBT Safety offers the full line of MSA multigas instruments which... Read More

Warehouse Technology

The Art and Science of Keeping Track Much discussion was held, several years ago, over the Japanese innovation of "kan-ban" - or just in time. The logic of JIT is simple - and understandable: when you need something - a part, component, sub-assembly - just... Read More

Safety Light Curtains Guard Automated Systems

Modern machinery can be hazardous in the best of cases. When the equipment in question operates in an automated mode, the potential hazards increase. In order to prevent injury, an effective protection system is needed to automatically interrupt operations and prevent accidents. IBT recommends Safety... Read More

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