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IBT Builds Robotic Palletizer System

IBT Builds Robotic Palletizer System for Dairy Products Working in a cool (35° F/2° C) environment, stacking dairy products on pallets is a job, to be sure, but not necessarily a fun one. When a large dairy products company wanted to improve productivity and reduce... Read More

Heart Attack Survival On The Job

OSHA encourages defibrillator use to revive workers with cardiac arrest. Using Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save the lives of workers who experience cardiac arrest while on the job. OSHA encourages employers to consider making this equipment available in their workplaces. IBT Safety is your... Read More

Real Customer Service

I noticed that the weather was a little odd on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. I was at Home Depot that afternoon and the ominous sky made me wonder whether I should head for home in a hurry. Dark sky or not, I didn't expect... Read More

IBT Safety Consulting: When It’s Time To Call in the Expert

Think of IBT Safety Consulting as a kind of insurance policy. The organization provides complete compliance surveys as "pre-audits" for all kinds of industrial facilities. These audits involve walkthroughs of the facilities, as well as reviews of records and program documentation. Their services are designed... Read More

Welding Can Be Hazardous

Extremely high heat, eye-damaging visible and non visible bright light, flying bits of incandescent metal, high voltage electricity, potentially hazardous atmospheres, gases in flame and gases under pressure. The welder's life is not a happy one. But, with attention to OSHA regulations and the use... Read More

Hub City & IBT Launch “Assembled On Demand” Gearbox Program

In what is the first Hub City High Efficiency gearbox assembly facility that is not company owned and operated, Hub City of Aberdeen, South Dakota (a Regal-Beloit Company) and IBT of Merriam, Kansas, have started a joint program. IBT's Gear Shop is now assembling Hub... Read More

Respirator Glossary

The following definitions are important terms used when discussing the respiratory protection. Air-purifying respirator means a respirator with an air-purifying filter, cartridge, or canister that removes specific air contaminants by passing ambient air through the air-purifying element. Atmosphere-supplying respirator means a respirator that supplies the... Read More

Getting It Done for Doane Pet Care Company

In America, we love our pets. That's why we share our lives with more than 58 million dogs and 71 million cats. In fact, forty percent of the households that have pets own both a cat and a dog. Cat lovers, in particular, are highly... Read More

From Opportunity to Operation: Creating An Engineered System

"One of the interesting things about working in the IBT Engineering Department," Bruce Loyd and his key lieutenants Jim Boatright and Alan Beech report, "is that you never know what the next telephone call, fax or email may bring you in terms of a professional... Read More

Ten Tips to Doing Right the First Time

Managing the process of any complex job can be a bear. Failing to manage it, however, can make a nightmare seem like a welcome respite. The key is to start out on top of things and stay on top of them, all the way through.... Read More

Fuse Definitions

Ampacity The current a conductor can carry continuously without exceeding its temperature rating. Ampacity is a function of cable size, insulation type and the conditions of use. Ampere Rating The continuous current carrying capability of a fuse under defined laboratory conditions. The ampere rating is... Read More

Got a Shaft? Get a Grip!

When the Dodge (now Baldor) Grip-Tight Adapter Mounted Ball Bearing was introduced in the fall of 2002, the team responsible for designing and marketing the bearing knew they had a product that was like no other in the industry. Theirs was a uniquely engineered product... Read More

Tough Conditions Require Tough Equipment

When the application offers the type of conditions you wouldn't go out in voluntarily on a bet, you need to think about using some severe service equipment. When the job in question is a natural for an electric motor, you have an easy and best... Read More

Guide to Gloves

A lot more goes into a glove than just your hand. And picking the proper gloves is considerably more difficult than figuring out which one is the left and which is the right. Just some of what must be taken into account includes: Abrasion resistance... Read More

OSHA Hand Protection & Glossary of Glove Terms

1910.138(a) General requirements. Employers shall select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when employees' hands are exposed to hazards such as those from skin absorption of harmful substances; severe cuts or lacerations; severe abrasions; punctures; chemical burns; thermal burns; and harmful temperature extremes.... Read More

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