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IBT Industrial Solutions is committed to providing the products you need, from the brands you trust. For over 60 years, IBT has represented the leading manufacturers of industrial hardware products. We proudly and confidently stand behind the products we offer, and consider them to be the best available in every product category. 

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Honoring the Life of
Mark Byrne

Leader made significant contributions to the success and culture of the IBT community.

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Improve Handwashing Compliance 400%

New automated handwashing systems from Meritech use a 12-second blast of soap and water to eliminate 99.98% of dangerous pathogens—and actually make hand hygiene fun for employees. Add the ultra-compact boot scrubbers, and you have a complete and guaranteed employee hygiene program.

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New Pumps Reduce
Failures at Plant

10 new Bredel pumps from IBT help Cooper Natural Resources process freezing cold brine water more consistently, with fewer pump failures.

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Automatic Lubrication Avoids
Costly Mistakes

An automatic lubrication system helps bearings run longer, improves safety—and frees up the maintenance staff to focus on other things.

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Site Surveys Help Prevent
Eye Injuries

Every year, eye injuries occur because of accidental spray or splash from solvents, acids, flying debris or other hazardous material. The total average direct and indirect cost of an eye injury is $40,000.

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IBT Industrial SolutionsWhen companies want to meet their goals faster and operate more efficiently, that’s when they need IBT Industrial Solutions. With a comprehensive product offering, plus industrial training and supply-chain management services, IBT is their trusted source to deliver it all. Plus, with more than six decades of experience, no one offers the personal attention and product knowledge of our highly trained staff of supply-strategy professionals. Because the most important thing we deliver is your total satisfaction.

Brand Spotlight

MCR Safety offers the ultimate in protection — featuring a range of garments, gloves and glasses available to protect you and your team.

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Handwashing Machines Improve Compliance 400%

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